June 8, 2009


Watchmen was released in both conventional and IMAX theaters on March 6, 2009, grossing $55 million on the opening weekend, and with a total income of over $180 million at the worldwide box office. Watchmen divided film critics; some critics gave it overwhelmingly positive reviews for the dark and unique take on the superhero genre, while others derided it for the same reason, as well as the R-rating, the time length, and the much-publicized accuracy to the graphic novel. watchmen,the watchmen,watchmen movie,watchmen comic,who watches the watchmen,rorschach watchmen manhattan,watchmen by alan moore,watchmen trailer,medieval watchmen,watchmen characters,watchmen comic book,watchmen movie cast,watchmen in the bible,watchmen,watchmen duties,watchmen cast,the watchmen movie,malin akerman watchmen,watchmen reviews,watchmen torrent,watchmen the movie,watchmen free gallery,watchmen free trailer,watchmen movie,watchmen wallpapers,